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360 Estimator is a Construction Estimating Software designed to help you in delivering outstanding construction projects with the required quality standards, on time and within budget.


360 Estimator includes a built-in Digital Takeoff module that allows you to upload a blueprint, in CAD or PDF format and calculate the quantities by simply adding points, lines and areas on the blueprint.


360 Estimator allows you to easily create an Estimate and send proposals to your customers. You can either use a Cost Database with unit items and assemblies or direct material costs, labor hour costs and equipment rental costs.


360 Estimator allows you to quickly print, save or send by email your professional Proposal. You can choose from a list of available reports in PDF or EXCEL format, customize your reports and even add your company logo, footer and header.

Cost Data

360 Estimator integrates Craftsman Costbooks including 11 catalogs with over 120.000 Cost Items, that show the time, material cost per unit and installed cost, based on an hourly labor rate appropriate for the locality.

Gantt Chart

360 Estimator allows you to manage your projects by handling an easy to use Gantt chart, Critical Path, Milestones, WBS, S Curve and Automatic calculation for the duration of each task using the labor hour information from cost items.

Cost Reports

360 Estimator assists you in the post-contract phase of the project to create regular, up-to-date and accurate Cost Reports. You can easily generate professional Cost Reports and the Final Cost Report. The progress is recorded and automatically synchronized with Gantt Chart.


Quickly transform your Cost Reports into an Invoice using the Billing module and send it to your customers by email.


Manage and build the relationship with your Partners using our integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module.


Take control of your projects using Dashboard . You can customize it and always have access to any information about your projects, customers and teams.

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We are prepared to serve your market

There are over 15 markets that are using our construction estimating software. Here are some of them:

General Contractors

General Contractors need a 360° real time view of their projects. 360 Estimator software comes with a series of tools, including Digital Takeoff, Cost Database, Gantt Chart, Cost Reports, Dashboard and CRM to help you organise your projects and easily send reports to your customers.

Specialist Subcontractors

360 Estimator software is helping specialist subcontractors improve productivity and performance by driving efficient processes resulting in projects finished on time and within budget.

Construction Management Companies

Manage a construction project's countless moving pieces while having a clear overview to all of its parts. A good construction project manager is always there with the right tools to simplify and streamline the processes. And 360 Estimator has them all.